Information Technology Professionals Association Ltd (ITPA) is a nationally registered Company Limited by guarantee.

We are a not-for-profit organisation with operations bound by our constitution, which has been registered with ASIC.  Please click the link below for a copy of our constitiution.

In addition to our constitution, a number of other documents are used to govern our operations:
* Schedule of Membership

Latest News

From The Fifth Estate - Editor's Blog (November 2017)

A somewhat irreverent look at some of the media chatter on the IT industry that has been happening over the last month.

Founding Father Profile: Through the Mill (and out the Other Side)

Hal Miller is not a name that many of you will have heard but his nomadic life and contribution to the IT industry both here and overseas is full of ...

PRESS RELEASE: Wages Soaring for IT Professionals Over Last Five Years

ABS Census data obtained by ITPA shows that IT incomes have received an above average boost across most categories since the previous 2011 survey led by ICT Security Specialists, ICT ...

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