Teemstone/onTune Webinar

Introducing Teemstone and monitoring capabilities/ features of our flagship product onTune.

"A Must Have System Monitoring Tool For Critical Servers."

*Attendees who request a trial and install, will receive a $300 Gift Voucher!

Webinar Overview:

  • onTune from Teemstone is an OS (AIX/Unix/Linux) Performance SURVEILLANCE Solution for systems in servers.
  • Our success story of winning more than 70% of the finance/enterprise sector in South Korea. It may be interesting to you as well because our customers have replaced their solutions in the likes of Tivoli, BMC, SolarWinds, etc, to onTune, only because of our unique features and benefits even though we are a small company in South Korea.
  • Our key speaker for the webinar is a WooliesX monitoring engineer explaining recurring monitoring pain points and the need to completely change the game with a few clicks on "onTune".

Key findings from the study of IT Disaster recovery by Nuspire.com include:

  • CISOs and IT security decision-makers are most concerned about overall security program improvements; monitoring, detecting and responding to threats 24/7; and vulnerability/posture assessments.
It's about time that System Administrators find the root causes on the fly, save time on reporting, and have peace of mind when it's time to log off onTune will be your best mate 24/7!

Date: Nov. 15, 2022, noon - Nov. 15, 2022, 1 p.m.