WA Chapter Meeting - July 2014

Our next meeting will beon Tuesday 1 July.Please come along and bring a friend! Or three! It will be fun.

Our meeting for July 2014 will be on Tuesday evening. Please come along and bring a friend! Or three! It will be fun.

TITLE:   Postfix overview and advanced features

DATE:    Tuesday 1st July 2014

TIME:    6:00 PM (drinks), 6:30 PM (meeting)
VENUE:   Moon and Sixpence British Pub
         300 Murray St
         Perth 6000

CONTACT: Alastair Irvine <alastair.irvine@computer.org>
         0490 249709

RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/SAGE-AU-WA/events/188430642/


[6:00pm]  Meet for drinks and chat at "The Stables" in the rear of the pub.  The area is roped off with signage announcing the meeting.

[6:25pm]  Migration to the Raine Room of the adjoining Comfort Inn.

Drinks rules: Please remember that we have been asked not to take our drinks from the Moon and Sixpence to the meeting room any more. However, given that rules tend be illogical, there is a loophole.

It turns out that Raine Room operates as part of La Bohme's liquor license.  So if you go from the hotel lobby through the bistro into the other pub (on Murray Street, corner of William Street) you can buy a drink there and bring that into the meeting room.  No pretending; there are probably cameras.

[6:30pm]  Welcome & Introductions.

[6:35pm]  Meeting commences.

This month's guest is me!

I'll be giving an overview of Postfix MTA including purpose, configuration and gotchas.  This is an intermediate level talk that assumes prior knowledge of RFC 821 (now extended by RFC 1869 and again by RFC 5321).

I'll then cover certain advanced features like:
  + message submission over port 587 (RFC 6409)
  + SSL
  + various types of restrictions and why they matter
  + milters
  + How Postfix integrates with Debian and Ubuntu

If we get time, I'll briefly cover policy integration.  I'll also hopefully describe the various acronyms like MTA and MSA.

[7:30pm]  Meeting close. Migration back to the pub for drinks, Q&A, and General Discussion of current IT issues.

Find your way there with Google Maps: http://bit.ly/35b23N

Hope to see you there!

Date: July 1, 2014, 5 p.m. - July 1, 2014, 5 p.m.