WA Chapter Meeting - March 2014 - CryptoLocker

This month's guest is Kurt Baeten, a Solutions Executive with TrendMicro Inc., a global anti-virus software, Internet security andcloud security firm.Kurt will be talking about CryptoLocker.

Our meeting for March 2014 will be on Tuesday evening next week. Please come along and bring a friend! Or three! It will be fun*.

NOTE: We'll be in Maxwell's, which as some will remember involves a bit of dungeon crawling to get to.

* Please note that this month, you won't be able to buy drinks in La Bohme to take to the meeting room, because access between that and the Comfort Inn is blocked by construction work.

.: AGENDA :.

[6:00pm]  Meet for drinks and chat at "The Stables" in the rear of the pub.  The area is roped off with signage announcing the meeting.

[6:25pm]  Migration to Maxwell's in the adjoining Comfort Inn.

Drinks rules: Please remember that we have been asked not to take our drinks from the Moon and Sixpence to the meeting room any more. (Please note that this month, the usual loophole doesn't apply.)

[6:30pm]  Welcome & Introductions.

[6:35pm]  Meeting commences.

This month's guest is Kurt Baeten, a Solutions Executive with Trend Micro Inc., a global anti-virus software, Internet security and cloud security firm.

Kurt will be talking about CryptoLocker.  This is "Ransomware" which encrypts all the data then asks for money, within a specified timeframe, in order to provide the decryption key.  He will discuss that Attack Vector by which users' computers become infected, how to avoid a CryptoLocker infection and best practices on how to recover if an infection has occurred.

Kurt Baeten has been in the IT industry since the early 80's and he has specialised in InfoSec since the mid 90's.  Kurt has worked in 3 continents covering a multitude of disciplines of InfoSec in various commercial and technical roles.

[7:30pm]  Meeting close. Migration back to the pub for drinks, Q&A, and General Discussion of current IT issues.

The Moon and Sixpence pub is located on Murray Street, Perth, between Queen and William Streets. It is within easy walking distance of the Busport, Wellington Street Bus Station, Perth Train Station and less than 100 meters from Perth Underground Train Station. For those who are driving, Murray Street is one-way (east, towards the hills) with vehicle entry available from Milligan Street, the Freeway and West Perth. Parking is available from one of several City of Perth carparks located along Murray Street, as well as in bays on Murray Street itself.

Date: March 4, 2014, 6 p.m. - March 4, 2014, 6 p.m.