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ITPA 2023 AGM announcement

Under the terms of our constitution the board of Information Technology Professionals Association has set a date for the next AGM, which will occur on 05 October 2023 at 7.30pm (AEDT) via Google Meet.

Key dates

  • In the next 7 days - Call for Nominations announced
  • 5th September - Call for Nominations closes
  • 11th September - Voting for Directors and Returning Officers opens (if required)
  • 25 September  - Voting for Directors and Returning Officers closes
  • 3 October (COB) - Proxy votes (for ordinary business) must be received by this date
  • 5 October- Annual General Meeting held.


Nominations will be solicited in short order in a separate communication. A nominations form will be available to members via  MyITPA when the Call for Nominations is sent out.

Standing Order 2 has a section on Candidate eligibility and nomination , full eligibility information will be included in the Call for Nominations.

Note that starting in 2022 ASIC have imposed a new requirement known as director ID. All board members must register for a director ID prior to being appointed to the ITPA Board.