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Member Services

ITPA provides different services to members depending on their membership level.

Free Members

All members receive access to the following services provided by ITPA:

Public comment on issues relevant to the IT Industry, ITPA and its members

ITPA is one of the peak representative bodies for IT Professionals in Australia.  Our members are experts in a variety of fields, and ITPA draws upon the knowledge of its membership to provide expert comment, advice and education to the community, industry and government sectors. We publish press releases on topics of importance to our members and the community, respond to requests for comment from various levels of government during policy development, and publish information based on our own research.

We also maintain an active social media presence.

ITPA is the voice of the IT Industry.

Online Short Courses

In association with IT Masters, ITPA runs regular online short courses on a variety of topics important to IT Professionals.  These courses are a combination of 4-6 one-hour webinars, background study and an optional online assessment task at the end of the course.  Passing the online assessment task at the end of the ITPA Short Courses will help qualify for recognition as a ITPA Certified Practicing Member.

eNewsletter ("The Download")

Published monthly, "The Download" is ITPA's electronic newsletter.  We feature articles on a variety of technical and non-technical aspects of the IT Industry, aimed at educating and informing a broad audience across Australia.


ITPA runs or supports relevant Meetups in many capital cities across Australia.  The focus of these meetings varies - sometimes there will be presentations by vendors (not sales pitches!) on certain technologies (or non-technical issues, such as taxation issues for IT Professionals), at other times these are simply an opportunity for ITPA members to meet face-to-face and socialise.  ITPA (or our chapter sponsors) provides funding to cover limited food and beverages at these events.

Financial Members

In addition to the services offered to Free Members, Financial Members also receive the following:


ITPA operates a number of private forums for financial members to share information, ask questions and just converse with their industry peers on a range of topics (technical and otherwise). Peer review ensures that information shared is correct and up-to-date, and the closed nature of the forums means that members can ask questions without fear of reprisal for sharing information in the public domain - members are required to abide by the SAGE-AU Code of Ethics when participating on any of our forums.

These forums are an evolution of what used to be our mailing list service. The new forums retain all of the previous functionality where members are able to participate in the forum entirely via email.

Email Alias

All financial members receive an email alias (, which will be forwarded to the email address associated with their membership.

Continuing Professional Development

As part of our code of ethics, members agree to "continue to update and enhance my technical knowledge and management skills by training, study, and the sharing of information and experiences with my fellow professionals".

In order to facilitate this, ITPA will track training/educational activities undertaken by members, and upon achieving a set number of approved "Professional Development Points" (PDPs) in a given calendar year, financial members will be recognised as a "Practicing Professional Member", and able to provide a link to a publicly viewable education/training history.

For more information and to apply for CPM status click here.

Member Discounts

A number of companies offer financial members of ITPA discounts on their services.  You can see a list of current offers here.

DNS Secondary Service

Members can use ITPA's geographically dispersed DNS infrastructure to host a secondary/tertiary copy of a number of their Internet domain DNS zone files.

Portable IPv6 /48 Allocation

Every financial ITPA member is entitled to a /48 allocation from the ITPA provider-independent address space, which they can take to their Internet provider for routing.  ITPA maintains a list of ISPs who have agreed to route IPv6 allocations for our members on our IPv6 page.