Information Technology Professionals Association (ITPA) is a not-for-profit organisation established to advance the understanding of ICT matters within the community, corporate and government sectors in Australia.

Our members are professionals within the IT Industry in Australia and abroad who aim to advance the practice of Information Technology as a profession.

Our vision is for our members to deliver outcomes which enhance and enrich society through the understanding and application of technology in an increasingly online world.



We aim to deliver the best service offering to our members to assist them in building and growing their IT career. At ITPA, we believe in continual professional development, and offer a range of training opportunities and mentoring programs. Through our events, conferences and online forums, members can connect and engage with other industry professionals, while enriching their technical knowledge and management skills.



ITPA is proud to announce its sponsorship of linux.conf.au 2017

As a demonstration of our support of the Open Source Community, the ITPA is sponsoring linux.conf.au which is a five-day conference that explores all aspects of Free and Open Source ...

Why it is important to make your voice count

For the last 20 years I have watched the Australian Accounting industry go from strength to strength whereby the two major accounting associations – the CPA and Chartered Accountants – ...

ITPA's Response to the Government's View that "Australia Doesn't Need Faster Internet"

With the NBN, continuing to be used as a political football rather than being a technology-driven, critical nation building infrastructure project, our stance has always been that Australians require fast ...

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