Your career is a journey, and the ITPA Certified Practicing Member program is designed to:

  • Help you stay relevant as the IT profession evolves and as the needs of the industry change
  • Showcase your achievements on the ITPA Professional Skills Register (optional)
  • Demonstrate to the industry and the business community that you are committed to maintaining your skills

To achieve recognition as an ITPA Certified Practicing Member you are required to:

  1. Score a passing grade in the exam of one of the ITPA Short Courses
  2. Demonstrate that you have achieved 20 Professional Development Points (PDPs) in the previous 12 months. Only full ITPA Members can apply for Practicing IT Professional recognition and PDPs are awarded for the following learning events:
Professional Development Point (PDP) CategoryPDP PointsDescriptionWhat you need to provide to claim PDPs (only Events completed in the last 12 months qualify)
ITPA Short Courses10Every quarter, ITPA offers free, 5 week online short courses with an exam at the end.Nil – just submit a request and we will check the Short Courses you have passed.
IT Industry Certifications10ITPA strongly supports industry certification and we award PDP points for all mainstream industry certifications including Cisco, CompTIA, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, etc.Copy of your exam results or details of how we can validate the certification with the certification owner.
IT subjects at University20Australian Institutions use a variety of terms to describe a subject including unit, module, course, credit points, etc.Copy of your transcript
IT Training Courses & qualifications at commercial training providers, TAFEs and Registered Training OrganisationsDetermined on a case by case basis 

Provide documentation showing:
- Date of the course
- Duration of course
- Content covered in the course
- Proof that that completed the course

Other Learning EventsDetermined on a case by case basisIncludes events such as Conferences, user group meetings, etc.  

Provide documentation showing:
- Date of the Event
- Duration of Event
- Details of what you learnt during the Event

Click here to apply for recognition as an ITPA Certified Practicing Member.

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