In the lead-up to "The Assistance and Access Bill (2018) being debated in the federal parliament, ITPA President Robert Hudson made some comments on Twitter that were picked up by News Ltd journalist Nick Whigham when it became apparent that the Federal Labor party was changing its tune on the bill and would provide bipartisan support for it.

Faced with comments from Labor MP Tim Watts that "I’d suggest that you wait and see our amendments before forming a conclusion", Robert didn't mince his words:

"Shred it, bin it, set the bin on fire, pretend that (we) weren’t ignorant enough to even consider a bill this stupid’ is the only worthy amendment." Hudson wrote.

He continued: "The (bill) weakens legitimate usage of encryption and does nothing to help prevent crime. Thinking otherwise is delusional."

In addition to comment on Twitter, in the media and editorials within the ITPA fortnightly eNewsletter "The Download", ITPA made submissions to both the Department of Home Affairs and PJCIS (Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security) consultation processes.  You can read those here and here respectively.

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