Good news, everyone! ITPA and Guild Insurance have joined forces to offer outstanding insurance cover for IT professionals throughout Australia.

To operate as an ICT professional, the work demands you to be logical, considered and analytic. But what this does not prevent, no matter how careful you are, is everyday risk.

The ICT sector is a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, which means you might be exposed without even knowing. That’s why we’ve partnered with Guild Insurance to make sure members of the ITPA have access to cutting-edge insurance options that suit our industry.

Guild Insurance has been providing insurance to independent business owners for over 55 years. Guild tailors their insurance policies to suit the needs of the industry, which is why we’ve chosen them to strategically partner with.

We also know how overwhelming it can be choosing the best insurance option for you as an IT professional. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process for you, putting forward Guild’s policy.

Not only that, as a member of the ITPA when opening or renewing a policy with Guild, you’ll receive a 25% discount. BUT, to qualify for this you must have a paid membership, which is our Professional members, Certified Practicing Members and Honorary Life members.

If you’re an ITPA member, but only an Associate Member, then simply upgrade to one of our paid memberships here. The cost of our membership is well and truly covered by the discount that Guild offers.


Once you’ve signed up or upgraded to our Professional Membership, you will receive a discount code in your welcome pack.

Once you’ve got your discount code, visit guild here or call 1800 810 213. Reference the discount code you received in the ITPA Professional Membership starter pack to receive the discount offer, and you’re good to go.