We were able to catch up in 4 cities in February & March (for the first time ever!) - an effort we will almost certainly have to curtail with COVID 19 on the march.

Canberra - Feb Post INSLM catchup

A good night down at the Bent Spoke catching up with ITPA locals, blow-ins from Sydney and some of the presenters from the TOLA / INSLM hearings.

Darwin - Feb - Social catchup

First Darwin ITPA meetup ever! We had a small turnout for our first meeting at Groove Train. The topic of discussions was about ITPA, timesheets and why they exist (an employee perspective), working in IT and for managed service providers. The overall feedback was that it was informative and well liked.

Perth - March - Social catchup

Belgian Beer cafe social meetup organised by Alastair Irvine of Warpspace.


Sydney - March - Social catchup

Thanks to Michael Martin for getting the ball rolling at the Lord Nelson Brewery, down in the rocks. Good to see a lot of old and some new faces, and plenty of entertaining conversation and beer.

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Going... going... very soon - some vintage SAGE-AU merch; help research into expat mental health in the ICT sector, and welcome to our newest sponsor LogMeIn!

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Continuing last months look at ongoing education - what is actually in it for the employer?

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