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We’ve scored a deal with Sydney Sabre to run a pizza-slash-sabre-fencing social event for our members on 6pm Friday 30 October. If you don’t know what sabre fencing is, here’s a short Youtube primer . If you do know what fencing is, then you know it will be a motivating opportunity to get out, get moving again, connect with your peers — and perhaps hit them as well. From 1.5 metres away.

The agenda will be the same as it usually is, but in a slightly different order: get a crash course in sabre, fence some bouts, eat pizza and socialise, then onto general discussions about IT over drinks at the pub (the Empire and the Annandale are on the other side of the street).


Time and Date: 6pm Friday 30 October

Session details: 6pm-7pm crash course; 7pm-8pm bouts and pizza; 8pm onwards to the pub.

Location: Sydney Sabre, 1/112-116 Parramatta Road, Stanmore 2048
Cost: $49 for ITPA professional members, $65 for non-members.

Transport: There is parking on-site, accessed from Corunna Lane. Stanmore train station is a 10 minute walk away. Parramatta Road buses run frequently to and from Central station, and there is a bus stop on the block.

What to wear: Exercise wear and sport shoes. A change of clothes is optional but recommended. All other gear is included.

Numbers are capped at 20 people for COVID reasons so book in here:

or email

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