ITPA’s current free Cisco CCNA course proves to be a winner with members

Now underway, the most recent free course offered to ITPA members is proving to be highly popular with 7,563 people already enrolled to expand their knowledge about Cisco CCNA (v3).

This Cisco CCNA (v3) course, being delivered via Charles Sturt University’s online platform which is managed by ITPA partner, IT Masters, builds on content from previous CCNA short courses which are still available for free access.

The course can also be used as qualifying points towards obtaining ITPA Certified Practicing Member (CPM) status.

If you missed the first session of this course, no worries, you can catch up and complete the remaining sessions by enrolling here. This will allow you to stream past content online and then join in on the upcoming sessions.

This course provides an overview of the technologies and theories you will need to understand to pass the current CCNA (v3) exam. It also tracks changes to the certification from v1 through to v3.

If you would like to prepare for this subject, we recommend enrolling in our previous CCNA subjects to familiarise yourself with some key concepts. No need to worry about homework or exams for the old subjects, they are simply good sources of information.

Other Free University Courses

Meanwhile, keep in mind that there are many free courses that have been run in the past that are still available for members to access. These free short courses (listed below) are for those who are considering enrolling to complete a CSU/IT Masters Master degree. You can effectively ‘try before you enrol’ by studying part of a subject in this manner.

These webinar-based courses can initially be attended live. This means that if you enrol in a current or upcoming course you will be able to chat with other students during webinars and via discussion forums for the duration of the course to help augment your understanding of course content.

Completing the final exam is optional and those who pass the exam during the designated exam period will receive a certificate of completion.

Meanwhile, if there are other short courses you would like to see us offer, please email your suggestions to

Here is some of the feedback received after the first session of the current Cisco CCNA v3 course.

  • “Yes. Amazing work, again, Matt. It was a fantastic night.” 
  • “If this is the quality of the teaching, then please keep going over-time. For those in different time zones, I recommend going to the recording.”
  • “No one wanted it to end, and we were really stoked - even after nearly two hours.”
  • “Thanks for a great week 1! Stiff drink and straight to bed for me!”
  • “Excellent night. look forward to next week!”
  • “Thank you presenters. Much appreciated”
  • “I don’t want it to end”

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