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Why major IT changes can wait

As the 2021 working year came to a close, I was reminded that the last run of the day — or in this case, the last change you make in a day — is often one you should walk away from without doing. The day was like any other but around lunchtime I had reached an impasse. I was stuck waiting on other people to complete some tasks and the work I was doing involved a cold shutdown of a production database — something you definitely don’t want to do on a Friday afternoon, as we all know how badly that can go. I decided instead to finish off some physical work that was in progress, electing to decommission and unrack some old sleds (servers that sit in a shared chassis rather than being standalone). Plenty of planning had already …

What does DoH mean for BYOD?

You wouldn’t think it, but when it comes to IT, security and safety aren’t always synonymous. Sometimes, the measures that increase technical security also remove the ability to provide safeguards for users. Firefox started rolling out DNS-over-HTTPS to users in the US recently. This is largely seen as an improvement in security, preventing alteration or observation of a user’s DNS queries by their ISP, which in the US no longer have limitations on selling this data. Governments can also use it to spy on their citizens, and ISPs (including in Australia and the UK) are often forced by law to alter DNS responses to block websites.